Hello my old heart

Things change and growing up is hard, but today I don’t mind so much as I used to. I am getting married in just 30 days!

Lennon and Maisy

—Ho Hey (The Lumineers Cover)

Ho Hey (The Lumineers Cover) — Lennon and Maisy

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Kevin Russ, Traveling And Paying The Bills With iPhoneography

A couple years ago I discovered Kevin Russ on Flickr. I love his portrait work and his use of natural light. I hadn’t seen much from him on Flickr in a while and just the other day I found out why. Kevin has been traveling the United States, shooting landscape photography with just his iPhone, and living off the print sales.

I must admit I am jealous of Kevin’s current life. He hops in his car, looks at a map of places he wants to go in this country, and takes off. When he gets there he photographs what he sees, predominantly landscapes and nature, and most of which he shoots on his iPhone. He is a contributor to iStockphoto as well as sells his prints on his Society 6 page. Check out his work, in my opinion it is absolutely beautiful. He also has a new flickr for his mobile photos, check it out! I think his work is a prime example of the fact that it isn’t about the camera, it’s about the photographer.

Wanderlust at its finest.

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